For the first time in 22 years the Ablaze! fanzine has appeared once more in the world. It’s some kind of indie rock/DIY miracle!

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Mittens On Publishing is a DIY publishing house run by writer and cultural protagonist Karren Ablaze!

Amongst its first publications are Mark Burgess’ autobiography, View From A Hill, Karren Ablaze!’s debut book, The City Is Ablaze!, The Story Of a Post-Punk Popzine 1984-1994, a fanzine collaboration between Karren and Geraldine Montgomerie Greenwood, entitled Commemorative Plate, and the subsequent re-launch of Ablaze! fanzine.

Future titles include a book about Riot Grrrl in the UK by Karren Ablaze! and Julia Downes, WITCHES! – a journal about personal power and DIY health, and some very exciting novels. Sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed!

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Today we got a message from a happy customer about our delivery service, from Darren Lockwood of Squirrel Records fame : "That is the best service i've ever witnessed. 10 minutes after i ordered the CD, i got a knock on the front door and it was hand delivered to me. Fantastic!"

That's probably never going to happen again - you'd have to live round the corner from our Gavin to start with - but just for today, Amazon can fuck off.